Story Of Vijayawada

Vijayawada earlier known as Bezawada.The Bezawada name came to exist when Goddness Of River Krishna requested Arjuna that she wants to merge in Bay Of Bengal then Arjuna made passage from Mountain. As the mountain is made Bejjam, it is known as Bejjamwada then changed to Bezawada. Also as the Goddess Durga killed demons and she rested on the mountain adjested to the Krsihnamma River. As she made victory (vijaya) over demons and place (wada) she rested. It then named as Vijayawada.

Vijayawada is fast growing city and center of Andhra Pradesh. So after division of the state Telangana from Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada is termed as capital city for the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Vijayawada is the beautiful city with all the hisotric places. It is surrounded with Prakasam Barrage over the Krishnamma River. And adjected to the Bank of River Krishna, Kanaka Durga Temple is suitated on the Indrakilla Hill and is famous for Vijayadasami Festival. Hazarat Bal Mosque relic of Mohammed Prophet and Gunadala Matha Church are the iconic religous landmarks.

Famous Religious Place Of Vijayawada

  • Kanaka Durga Temple ( Indrakeeldri Hill, Vijayawada)
  • Bala Subramanyam Temple ( Korukollu, Vijayawada)
  • Hazarat Bal Mosque
  • Gunadala Mary matha Church