T Govt Removed Shelter From Tribals In Warangal Forest

Tribals cry even god had not shown mercy.7 years ago tribals( girijan people) from chhattisgarh came to andhra pradesh. And settled in warangal forest area. At that time government given shelter to them, gave them all facilities , ration card and all government schemes applicable to them.
Now the KCR government removed their shelter and ordered to go back to their native place. Those tribal said there is no place for us, we live here we die here. Every citizen of India have rights to live anywhere in the country. We are not asking anything from the government. We demand only for our shelter and livelihood.
These tribal people, all womens, old people kids all are living under tress under heavy rainfall. No one is there to take confort and fight for there rights.
Now all the parties came forward to support them and help them to fight against government.
This is democracy country every citizen of India have rights.