RTC Strike on AP & Telangana State

RTC striked bandh on complete Andhrapradesh & Telangana state. RTC workers on strike today from early morning in 13 Districts of andhra pradesh. All union workers doing their rtc strike in their respectively depot. "Government is saying that in order to increase your salary we have to increase the bus fare and make burden on public. Union workers says that did you increase our salaries everytime when you increased bus fare"?. Government is playing a crucade game on everyone. What a evil thinking of government,INCREASING BUS FARE ( It means that it is easy to push burden on foolish public and public will keep silient ).
Governement always be in safeside. Everytime increasing rates on public. Keeping them in trouble.
Because of this strike there is big loss for the government. Crores of rupees loss to government . If they allow their demands this loss will not be their.

Investing on projects or any development of state or increase of salaries or damage caused due any earthly calamities,Government will increase the price on common man. Government will Take our hardwork, take our taxes , take our lands,taking everything for common man. AGAIN & AGAIN govt keeping burden on common man.