Massive Earthquake In Nepal

Biggest earthquake in Nepal, 1000's were died and injured. It is the massive earthquake which last happened in the year 1900. Its about 83Km long. People unable to understand whether to take shelter or run. No one could stand infants, womens were made slept in this cruel earthquake. Building , Roads, Offices, houses were all destroyed. Rescue operation stills going on. Even Many indians too died. Ramdev Baba who was in Khatmandu survied.

Earthquake also stuck the camp in mount everest in Nepal. 17 people died over the mountain.

All the city hospitals were filled, many were getting treatment on roads.Many social communities came forward to provide with water, shelter, food and medicines. Countries all over the world pledged with to crises in the nepal.

There are many camps held in india to help the people in Nepal.

Let do our best what we can.

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