India Comes United On Death Of DK Ravi
Mr Modi Ji Give Respect To People Request

DK Ravi IAS officer, He has been awarded many awards for the duty, for his hard work, for his success in handling corruption.

He is successfull in providng 400 Crores to the governmant of karnataka with in 4 months.

Now his death is certified as suiced by the government of karnataka.

State of Karnataka is on rally for the wrong statement by government. People of karnataka demands to handover the death of Ravi to CBI, but the government denies.Why the government taking back step, is big question?.

It is said 35 years old Dk Ravi found hanging to ceiling fan and after police ivestigating is said to be suiced and he had personal problems.

Demand by his Parents & people of karnataka over state government, Home Minister George is said now the case is added over to CID.

But the people and his parents demands and return a letter to Mr.Modi to hand over the case to CBI.