BAHUBALI : 3.75/5

Cast : Rebel Star Prabha, Dynamite Rana Daggubati, Anushka, Tamanha, Ramya Krishna Etc.,

The most waiting movie atlast hit the theater with massive opening. The Movie is released over 4000 theaters. Atlast the entire team and the fans of Prabhas take deep breathe with the positive opening and response from the people. With the massive charectors and with huge setup and scenes it impressed the public.

Story :
A mother who saved her son and protecting him in her heart named him ( Shivudu ). He does all adventures in the hills and forest and grows his intension is to know what is there from where the water is falling. As he grew up he finds his love girls (Avanthi) Tamanha who is a fighter and plans to bring (Devasena)Anushka who is in prison in Mahisnavathi kingdom of Balladevdudu (Rana).Goes along with Shivudu and brings back Devasena and the people aroung there believes that he is the son of Bahuballi. Now the story is who is bahubali and his history.

The movie is presented excellent and is running with positive responce throughout world.