History Of Ananthapur

Ananthapur is generally known as ananthasagaram, which means Endless Ocean. Ananthapur region is ruled by vijayanagaram empires. After that came under control of hyder ali and Tipu Sultan and was the part of Bellary of karnataka. After the death of Tipu Sultan, ananthapur region is came under the control of Nizam's Of Hyderabad.
In 1882 under the provision of British India , Ananthapur was fully formed as a seperate district with Sir Thomas Munro as first collector. Ananthapur is largest district of Andhra Pradesh and 7th largest district of India.
Ananthapur District is surrounded with Cuddapah, Chitoot,Kurnool District and towards west by Karnataka State. Ananthapur is famous in producing pure silk sarees. Lepakshi Temple is the famous tourist attraction of this district and river pennar is main river of Ananthapur.

Temples Of Ananthapur

  • Lepakshi Temple , Hindupur Town
  • Gugudu, Narpala Mandal
  • Pennaahobilam,35km from Ananthapur
  • Puttapathy, 29km from Penukonda
  • Pennukonda

Institutes & University

Sri Krishnadevaraya University
JNTU University
Sri Sathya Sai University
Government Medical College
Oil Technology Research Institute

Hospitals In Ananthapur

  • Dr YSR Memorial Hospital
  • Abhaya Kidney Care Hospital
  • Hrudaya Childrens Hospital
  • Dr Akbar Eye Hospital