Amaravathi is a city of Guntur District. Is now capital of Andhra Pradesh. On wednesday after the cabinet meeting Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu states that Amaravathi is the Capital State of Andhra PRadesh.
Amaravathi is located on river bank of Krishna that flows towards its east.As per the mytholgy it is called the city of lord Indra. It is also said that lord buddha rested here and so many buddhist people seen in this region. Still today Dalai Buddhism of Tibet conduct Kalachakra a buddist events is done in this region.

After visit to singpore by chandra babu naidu. The Singapore government provided free plan for the capital city Amaravathi of Andhra Pradesh State.
It is said that plan had 3 major components 1. Capital Region 2. Capital City & 3. Seed Capital.